Adapt in Education

Schools need to demonstrate how they ensure consistent and systematic management of data. IRIS Adapt allows schools to monitor, query and analyse data swiftly by a wide range of variables such as pupil premium, FSM, gender, ethnicity and more. IRIS Adapt also allows schools to share information easily with colleagues, SIPs, governors, Ofsted and others.

Adapt in The Public Sector

SMART Reporter is a complete data collection and analysis facility for local government based on the Adapt platform. It is designed to respond easily to the need for LAs to monitor discrimination incidents and accidents in schools and other institutions. Developed in conjunction with Tameside and Bury's MBCs, SMART Reporter is completely adaptable to each authority's specific needs.

Adapt in The Private Sector

IRIS Adapt isn't just a data collection and analysis application. With its email notification, document revision logging, file attachment, user access control and full data sharing features it can manage your workflow issues. Remote access allows field teams or branch locations to share information in real time with head office. If you are looking to improve process efficiency and quality, we can transform your paper document into useable software that really delivers.