Adapt Solutions for the Private Sector

Custom online data management and reporting solutions for business

Fast, Flexible, Affordable - three words not normally associated with corporate data systems... until now.

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Adaptsoft's unique IRIS Adapt platform represents a quantum leap forward in business data management solutions; combining data collection, analysis, communication and data sharing in one unique agile and flexible application.

At Adaptsoft we can deliver a web application to capture exactly the business information you need - and deliver the in-depth analysis you need to go with it - without the massive price tag associated with bespoke products. Our IRIS Adapt-based solutions can grow and adapt according to the changing needs of your business; without the inconvenience and disruption of any major restructuring of the application.

Adaptsoft solutions offer:

  • Complete flexibility, including the ability to modify data forms and data sets any time with no downtime.
  • Speed and reliability of performance.
  • Real-time, on-the-fly reporting of live data via inbuilt 'point and click' reporting tools.

With conventional information management systems, changes and modifications to the system over time result in large, complex codebases and sluggish databases. These systems often require a lot of maintenance and frequent updates to keep them running.

Our solutions can be expanded and modified without any corresponding increase in size or complexity. Now add to that customisable email and text alerts, full revision monitoring, fine-grain access control, data sharing and powerful real-time analysis - and you have IRIS Adapt.

Benefits of using IRIS Adapt:

  • Improves the accuracy and speed of data collection - data entry is via menu selection, providing consistency of terminology as well as facilitating better analysis.
  • Highly cost effective - potentially large savings in admin time and costs.
  • Reduces levels of under-reporting - user interface offers ease, speed and convenience of use makes staff more willing to engage with the system.
  • Improves communication - and data sharing with colleagues across the organisation.
  • Contributes to better business planning - by providing access to accurate, live data.
  • Provides better understanding - of the impact of change or new strategies via in-depth analysis.
  • Collects and processes key data - that may be critical to your quality standards.
  • Saves staff time - and effort in collating data and running reports.
  • Supports green and sustainable initiatives - through efficient use of resources and a paperless environment.
  • No IT footprint in your organisation - we provide a fully managed and hosted solution. No impact at all on your current IT system.