IRIS Adapt Features for The Public Sector

Fully customised on-line data capture forms - which can be modified on-the-fly to suit your changing needs.

IRIS Adapt allows the creation of fully customised web data collection forms – from simple staff records to large, complicated forms. Forms can include all the usual elements such a text fields, single or multi-select combo (drop-down) menus, date pickers, check boxes and more.

Most importantly, IRIS Adapt web forms can be swiftly edited on-the-fly with no down-time - allowing the system to change and adapt as your needs change.

Full version control - every entry, edit or change is logged. Data can also be locked for editing.

Typically when you save a document in other software, e.g. in a word processor, the previous version is overwritten - unless you save it with a new name every time. With IRIS Adapt, completed data capture forms are versioned meaning that whenever anyone edits the form, it is automatically saved as a new version and previous versions are retained.

This is particularly useful when forms are used to report on-going issues or when the form has potential legal significance, as in an accident or insurance claim. The date and time plus log-in details of the account holder making the change are noted.

A document version in IRIS Adapt has four major attributes:

  • Version number – this keeps track of the number and order of versions. A higher number means a later version.
  • Version date – the date and time the form was edited is recorded.
  • Edit description – the part(s) of the form which have been edited or added to are highlighted.
  • Who – the details of the account that created a version is always recorded.

Refined user access control - access to the system is password controlled via individual user accounts, or via an open access portal. IRIS Adapt allows you to restrict access to any part of the system. Keep your data confidential or share it with only a group of intended audience.

With IRIS Adapt you determine whether other people can read, write or change data. IRIS Adapt’s User Access Tools allow you to create any number of user accounts and to control what parts of the system, form or page each user can access. The activity of each user account across the system is tracked and recorded; so you can be sure who is accessing the system, what for and when.

Attach files - IRIS Adapt allows users to attach files to a web form.

Adapt allows for the attaching and uploading of text, image or data files in any format to your web forms. Files can be readily downloaded for editing or for viewing by other users. Edited files are easily re-uploaded. When an edited file is re-uploaded it is saved as a new version, rather than overwriting the original. This means that previous versions of files can be accessed via Adapt's unique revision viewer at any time.

Email notification (alerts) - IRIS Adapt includes an email and SMS (text) alert facility which responds to activity on the system.

Alerts are particularly useful when several users are contributing to or editing the same form. Emails can be sent to multiple recipients and multiple triggers can be defined on any data form. Alerts can also be triggered when a form is edited, added to or deleted, not just when a new form is submitted.

Count activated alerts: You can set IRIS Adapt's uniquely customisable alerting system to alert you when multiple counts of an event occur. The threshold at which the alert is triggered, as well as the nature of the event itself, is configurable.

  • a specified number of accidents have been logged by a given department or section.
  • the number of days of absence for a staff member or department exceeds a certain value.
  • the number of customer complaints reaches a given value.

Reports and analysis - IRIS Adapt's powerful built-in analysis tools are designed for non-specialist users and allow your data to be interrogated, in depth, at the click of a button.

IRIS Adapt provides a graphical interpretation of raw data, making it convenient to analyse. Reports can also be generated in tabular form. In addition to all this, you can sort and filter data in your data grid by any combination of fieldsets and quickly bring up the required data for inspection. No specialist knowledge of databases is required, just point and click using IRIS Adapt’s unique reporting tools in order to home in on the precise information you require.